Online Entrepreneur Development Program


Entrepreneurship development is the process of improving entrepreneurial skills. Through training programs, such as entrepreneurship courses and online classes, one can learn about various requirements to become successful as an entrepreneur including conducting opportunity analysis, developing a business plan, starting a small business, acquiring financing to start the company, and scaling the business. An entrepreneur should have a fundamental understanding of business skills such as accounting and finance, marketing, and strategy.

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Duration 6 Months
Basic IT
COURSE FEE: Rs.98,900
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Stage 01 Stage 02 Stage 03
Session 1
Introduction to E-commerce
Session 1
Introduction to YouTube
Graphic design + Web design + E commerce
Session 2
Introduction to social media marketing
Session 2
Introduction to Fiverr
Session 2
YouTube master class with YouTubers
Session 3
Selling on Ebay
Session 3
Advance social media marketing
Session 3
Affiliate marketing
Session 4
Selling on Etsy
Stage 01
  • 4 Days (6 hours)
Rs. 24,000
Stage 02
  • 12 Days (72 hours)
Rs. 39,900
Stage 03
  • 14 Days (84 hours)
Rs. 59,900
One time Payment
  • 30 Days (180 Hours)
Rs. 98,900
  • Discount 20%

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